How To Have A Clean Restaurant?

Cleanliness and sanitation must be your top priority if you have a restaurant.

If you don’t have a clean restaurant, you’re risking violations on your next health inspection, which may lead to fines and closure of your restaurant.

In addition, a non-clean restaurant is ripe for food-borne illness.

So, it’s your responsibility an owner to have a clean restaurant.

And guess what?! It’s not that hard to keep your restaurant clean.

All it needs is some organization, scheduling, and consistency.

Kahloun will help you have a clean restaurant that is sparkling from front of house to back of house.

How To Keep The Back of House Clean?

Daily Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Restaurant:

  • Focus on cleaning the fryers
  • Sanitize all surfaces and never forget the cutting boards
  • Always empty sanitizing bins
  • Take all the dirty rags directly to laundry
  • Launder all aprons and chef’s coats
  • Sanitize all of your meat and cheese slicers
  • Sweep and mop all the floors especially the walk-ins
  • Clean grease traps
  • Clean hood filters in dishwasher
  • Replace tin foil liners of grill and range
  • Empty all trash and recyclables directly
  • Never forget to wash floor mats
  • Sanitize sinks, faucets, soda guns
  • Dispose of grease and oil correctly

Weekly Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Restaurant:

  • Clean ovens
  • Empty and sanitize your reach-in coolers and refrigerators
  • Clean all the machines you have including coffee machines
  • Wash your restaurant’s walls

Monthly Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Restaurant:

  • Wash behind fryers, flat tops, stove, and oven
  • Empty and sanitize freezers
  • Empty and sanitize the ice bin
  • Wash your restaurant’s ceilings

How To Keep The Front of House Clean?

Daily Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Restaurant:

  • Wash the tabletops, chairs, and booths with clean and sanitized rags
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms ( Keep them as clean as possible)
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Check if the menus are clean

Weekly Cleaning Checklist For A Clean Restaurant:

  • Move any dust from blinds, ceiling fans, picture frames, etc…
  • Clean all the tables and chairs including their legs
  • Wipe down baseboards

You see??

It’s not that hard or complicated to have a clean restaurant!

All it takes is organization, consistency, and following these checklists!

If you’re looking for a clean restaurant to enjoy your meals with your family, Kahloun restaurant opens its doors for you!


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